Agua De Jamaica (6-Pack)

Agua De Jamaica (6-Pack)

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This refreshing, lightly sweetened blend of hibiscus, lime, and ginger is a traditional beverage based on a combination of recipes from Mexico and the Caribbean.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Hibiscus, Ginger, Lime Oil, Salt.


Agua de Jamaica (Pronounced Ha-Mai-Kah), as it is known around California and the American Southwest, is also well-known in most of the world.

Hibiscus Tea Worldwide

The Different Names of Hibiscus Tea Worldwide

In the english speaking regions of the world, it is known as Roselle, or Hibiscus Tea. In most of Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East, it is known as Karkade. In Jamaica and the Carribean, as Sorrel. Almost every region in the world has their own name for this traditional drink. The drink is made by steeping the calyces of the Hibiscus Roselle flower with a blend of spices. There are as many variations on the recipe as there are people to invent them, but over the course of the past year, we have been developing what we believe to be the finest recipe available.

If you find yourself on the page because you came upon our Agua De Jamaica, welcome. We have written extensively about the history, and cultural ubiquity of the drink.

We use only the highest-quality ingredients available, and we don’t use any artificial preservatives whatsoever, just Hibiscus flowers and spices. We don’t use anything your grandma wouldn’t have.