Agua De Fresa (12-Pack)

Agua De Fresa (12-Pack)

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A sweet, quenching infusion of real strawberries and lime. This recipe is our take on the classic Latin American recipe, where the addition of lime complements the strawberry beautifully.

Ingredients: Water, Strawberries, Sugar, Lime Oil, Citric Acid


Agua de Fresa (FRAY-sah), is a traditional Mexican beverage made with real strawberries. Like the rest of our products, our recipe for Agua de Fresa uses nothing artificial. We’ve added a hint of lemon, whose sourness accompanies the sweetness of the strawberry beautifully.

Although lemon is not traditionally found in Agua de Fresa, we found that the lemon’s sourness wonderfully complements the sweetness of the strawberry, and acts as a natural preservative as well.

Have you ever wondered why strawberries are so often added to drinks? The flavor is wonderfully fragrant, and complements many flavors. Rarely, however, does the strawberry get to speak for itself.

Strawberries have been cultivated since the days of Ancient Rome. The limited literature that survived indicates that both the Greeks and Romans believed strawberries had medicinal qualities, but there was no indication of serious cultivation until far later, in the Middle Ages.

We certainly hope you’ll enjoy our version of Agua de Fresa as much as we enjoy producing it.

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